Free Download: Election Playbook - Branded Merchandise for Campaigns

Branded Merchandise for CampaignsAt the beginning of 2020 when we set out to create (a version) of our Election Playbook, I never dreamed the challenges we would all be facing when it comes to the rapidly changing marketing landscape. Especially challenging now for those running for office is the idea of engaging with voters. In a world where we’re all a bit more digital and we still have less contact, it’s important to build connections with voters through a tactile channel like branded merchandise.

We’ve taken the time to highlight some of our favorite traditional campaign items in this guide. While we very much make our suggestions for our clients with a marketing objective first, design next, then product recommendation approach, these are some key items to consider. To really make your campaign stand out, we should work together to develop a branded merchandise strategy that works alongside your campaign and gives you the best ROI possible.

Our capabilities include dreaming up custom solutions for your campaign and designing great merchandise to support your goals. These items are just a few of hundreds of thousands that we would love the opportunity to collaborate with you and your campaign team on. Take a look at our recommendations. When you’re ready, reach out so we can discuss your campaign goals. We will then give you personalized recommendations on branded merchandise for your campaign. In a matter of weeks or months depending on what you need, we’ll have created branded solutions that carry your message as far as you need it to go. We would love the chance to work with you! Contact us to get started on your branded campaign merchandise. -Sarah

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