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Branded by Williams Advertising creates branded merchandise that allows companies to show appreciation and build brand loyalty.

Branded by Williams Advertising makes creative promotional products, branded merchandise, gifts and apparel. We are a 100% woman-owned branded merchandise & promotional products small business located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Branded by Williams is a branded merchandise and promotional products marketing agency that was born out of a desire to create beautiful products that have meaningful results. When we approach a new project, we think about marketing first, design second, product next.  We bring creativity to the branded products that represent your brand. Clients work with us to tailor branded merchandise and merchandise strategies to align with business goals. Learn more about our branded merchandise capabilities.

Think about a product you love.  A product that you really love.  Where did you get it? How do you feel about the store where you got it or the person that gave it to you?  We want to help you translate that kind of affinity in to your company’s marketing efforts.  We recommend not only the products for you that generate the type of feelings you want your customers to experience but the way to use those products to help make that experience even stronger.  Our goal is to help you build brand loyalty, help you tell your story, and to generate affinity for your brand.

Branded is a division of Williams Advertising based in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, right on the Tennessee state line.  We're a 100% woman-owned business. We help companies nationwide make sure their marketing matters.  We’ve been in business for nearly 40 years helping businesses build their brands.  Williams Advertising has always had the ability to create great branded merchandise, but Branded is our dedicated division focused on our clients’ branded merchandise experience.  We power that experience in technology. We’re constantly developing our product and decoration knowledge. Our in-house design team is craving your next project that allows us to flex that creative muscle. Now more than ever, we are ready to work with companies that want to grow their brand. Reach out to us to begin innovating.

If you head over to our Instagram, you can join in on some of our day to day fun. Head to our promotional items resources page for promotional products trends, tips, news & information. Visit to read more about the start of Williams Advertising & the man behind the name Williams.

We are a 100% Woman-Owned Small Business

Branded by Williams Advertising is a 100% woman-owned branded merchandise & promotional products company. We are proud to be a diverse supplier to our customers. Our owner Sarah Whitaker has nearly 10 years of experience in the promotional products industry and over 16 years of marketing experience. Sarah joined Williams Advertising in 2015, becoming owner in 2018. We are SBA-certified woman-owned small business located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Click here to view our capabilities statement as it relates to advertising specialties and promotional products. View our DSBS profile.

Branded by Williams Advertising is a 100% Woman Owned and Woman Led Business

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Fill out our contact form and we'll get in touch. Give us a call at 270-885-7674 or reach out to [email protected].

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We are

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  • Solutions providers for our clients
  • Passionate about business growth
  • Expert product advisors
  • Client success managers
  • Brand builders
  • A trusted resource for our clients
  • Easy to work with
  • Fun to work with
  • Respectful of our employees, our customers, and our supply chain
  • Project managers
  • Consistent but creative

We work best with clients who

  • Want a partner and want to have an ongoing relationship
  • Place a huge importance on brand affinity
  • Are in growth mode
  • Need creativity & expertise for their branded merchandise
  • Value unique strategy creation for their brand
  • Understand there is a process behind the strategy, and we follow that process out of love for your brand.
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Our Values & Vision


We approach all solutions with creativity. We look for unique solutions, and we don’t take “no” for an answer when searching for creative solutions to our problems and our customers problems. We bring creativity to each project we touch. No one else can do what we can do, it’s uniquely ours and in turn, uniquely created for our customers. A large part of our innovation is initiative.  We see solutions opportunities and present them to help our clients.  We take time to stretch our creative muscles and are continuously improving.


We’re focused on providing the best customer service experience We approach every project, every client and every day with enthusiasm. We approach each client, team and supply chain partner interaction with professionalism.  We get to work with people at their best – in growth mode, making positive changes, making their business goals come to life. We get to help our clients create positive brand experiences. Making an impact on their growth is fun, and we get excited about our clients’ growth and the opportunity to impact their world each day. Hand in hand with enthusiasm, we always lead with positivity.  We are lucky to be in such a fun business where we impact clients’ growth.  We create fun things, we solve problems, we solve real challenges, and we help our clients grow their businesses.  We value having fun in our day to day! Our team member experience is important.  Our workplace strives be a value add to each team member’s life, to provide balance and to be flexible. Working hard is at the core of what we do.  We approach every scenario and every team member, client or partner interaction with honesty and integrity.

Desire to Win

We are focused, we work with speed and we are accurate. We make sure we do things as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We follow the processes that are put in place for growth, and we tweak those processes to adapt for growth and customer experience.  We work smart for our team members, our clients, and our future growth.  We take a 360 approach to make sure we’re bringing solutions that allow a win for our client, and a win for us.  We don’t take the easy route or get stopped by circumstances – we make it happen for our clients.

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In The Press

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