Gifts for Your Employees’ and Clients’ Families to Enjoy

When promotional products aim to connect with their recipient on a more human level, that’s when you have success.  Taking your gift of appreciation a step farther than your employee or your client’s use, what could you gift that might have meaning for them with their whole family? Here are a few ideas.

Custom Branded S’mores Kit

Sarah tested this one with her family and voted it a 10/10. Not only did she get to enjoy this branded item, her daughter and husband got to get in on the fun! This particular item is really nice because it’s also a unique gift, something someone will hang on to once they have so they can use it for this particular occasion. And what could be better than pairing good times with family or friends with branded merch? Drawing an emotional tie between the experience someone has as a result of your gift makes your ROI of the promotional item stretch that much farther.

The extendable 34" roasting sticks with carrying case here are perfect for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, or anything that's just more fun to cook over an outdoor fire pit. These stainless steel roasting sticks extend to 34" to keep you a safe distance from the heat, and collapse into a convenient carrying case. They feature rubberized handles to ensure a comfortable and safe grip while roasting. Or, gift this ready to enjoy complete branded s’mores kit!

custom smores gift kit

Dinner in a Box

We’re not sure there is anyone who would turn down having a good dinner gifted. This particular way of gifting goes a step farther than just providing a gift card to a favorite spot. This brings a tangible element to an enjoyable experience. And this particular branded gift has its very own branded item included to hang on to!

Eating in has never been more delicious. Responsibly sourced, Italian inspired, and ready for you to make at home, this spaghetti night in a box is a thoughtful and practical gift. Bon Appetit! Or, let them graze their way to total deliciousness with a charcuterie gift, an assemblage of artisanal treats ready to be sliced and served (we won’t tell if you don’t share). Gifting a charcuterie or dinner in a box means easy entertaining for your recipient!

charcuterie thank you gift

pasta dinner in a box

Lip Balm Making Kit

Whether your clients have teens or your employees have little ones, this is a fun for the family DIY adventure! This revolutionary kit goes beyond typical promotional products by creating a unique experience for each and every user as they create their own lip balm. Foster a moment of ever-important self-care that leaves a lasting impression with an experiential, fun, and creative product. This kit includes everything needed to make five lip balm tins: ingredients (natural beeswax pellets, sunflower oil, peppermint essential oil, vanilla flavoring), utensils (plastic beaker, pipette, spatulas), empty lip balm tins, and instructions. Branding space includes customized labels for the tins, and a customized label for the inside box lid. How fun is that?!

DIY lip balm making kit

Cover Them in Comfort

This one isn’t always a group gift, but if you’ve got a blanket thief in your house it may become that. We love this puffy blanket for so many reasons, but its adaptability to be the next thing you’re using at a soccer game or when out at a music festival is sure to mean it’s making an appearance as your employee or customer makes memories. Take this gift a step farther and pair the blanket gift with tickets to a sporting event or a gift card to enjoy a movie with the blanket.

With gifting, anything that is quality will make an impression. A branded gift that is well-loved will be kept and used. The branded merchandise you select to represent your brand and to show gratitude for the relationship you have with your client or your team member speaks volumes. If your promotional items are selected with intention, knowing your audience receiving the gift, you’ll be able to connect.

If you need help selecting the perfect holiday gifts or appreciation gifts, please reach out & we’ll build personalized recommendations for your brand.

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