Project Spotlight: Giving Back to Non-Profits

Tennessee Towel and Custom Tin

For this project, Planters Bank donated 100% of the purchase price of these custom gift items to 12 non-profits in their service area.  Read the full release about what that resulted in for each non-profit organization thanks to Planters Bank's generosity.

Where did we come in? We hand drew and watercolored custom designs for both Kentucky and Tennessee gift sets.  Each year, we produced custom tins with the Kentucky and Tennessee designs adorning. The items inside changed a bit. One year it was custom kitchen towels and hand poured candles wrapped with a custom label with the same design. The next year, the non-profit fundraising campaign items included a new design on the custom tin and the custom kitchen towel, but this time it was paired with a custom shaped ornament with a similar design. We created these items especially for Planters Bank's Season of Giving, a giving campaign benefitting 12 KY & TN organizations.

The challenge for this project was to design and produce a retail-quality item that would garner the most interest from fundraiser supporters in order to raise as much money as possible for the 12 local non-profit organizations that were assigned to each Planters Bank branch.

We were able to produce a totally custom metal tin, flour sack towel, and die cut ornament in the shape of Tennessee and Kentucky, since Planters Bank has branches in both states. Each item featured hand drawn and hand painted art by our in-house designer in a Kentucky and Tennessee theme. We then assembled each gift set, and delivered to each of the 12 bank branches across Western Kentucky and Tennessee.

Kentucky Gifts

Tennesee Gifts

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