Marketing is the New Sales – Sarah Whitaker on Panel at skucamp Palm Springs

In September of 2021, our owner Sarah Whitaker attended commonsku's skucamp in Palm Springs.  Kicking off the peer-led discussion was the Marketing is the New Sales session of which she was a part of.  Listen in to the episode to hear some of Sarah's thoughts along with 3 fellow promotional products industry superstars thoughts about marketing in the promotional products industry and how it impacts and works with sales.

Sales professionals and marketing teams of all industries can find the examples and insight shared helpful.  We're breaking out some of Sarah's highlights so you can listen in!

  • Click to hear Sarah on how she got her start in the promotional products industry.
  • Click here to hear about how we use content marketing.
  • Hear Sarah talk about how our approach to the content we publish for our business is there to help our clients, click here.