Product Spotlight: Bottle Umbrellas & Matching Totes

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Make a statement with Bottle Umbrellas. This no-drip design seals your wet umbrella away in a bottle to protect your purse and to prevent a trail of raindrops on the floor or in your car. You can personalize this items for your next corporate gift or special event. 

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Match a bag with a bottle umbrella. Paired products make for even better gifting!
With gifting, anything that is quality will make an impression. A branded gift that is well-loved will be kept and used. The branded merchandise you select to represent your brand and to show gratitude for the relationship you have with your client or your team member speaks volumes. If your promotional items are selected with intention, knowing your audience receiving the gift, you’ll be able to connect.

If you need help selecting your items, please reach out & we’ll build personalized recommendations for your brand.

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