Promo Products That Influence Consumer Behavior (Promotional Products' Impact on Marketing, Part Three)

Part three of our look at the 2023 Ad Impressions Survey, examining promotional products' impact on your marketing efforts. To wrap up our series, we're examining which promo products influence behavior.

Quote about successful branded merch usageHow do promo products, branded merchandise and branded apparel impact business? We’ve talked favoritism, and how swayed consumers are by traits of the promo products you give in part one of our series on promotional products and their impact on marketing. In part two, we looked at ROI of promotional products, looking at average costs per impression and longevity of branded merchandise.  Now this part three of our look at how effective promotional products can be based on research from the 2023 Ad Impressions Survey by the Advertising Specialty Institute is all about how promo products influence behavior and impact your business.

Promo Products Influence Behavior

If your company is B2C, you’re likely very familiar with the idea that incentives drive action. Special offers enticing free shipping if one spends just a bit more, or examples even directly relating to branded merchandise (spend $100 and receive a free tote!) are commonplace to help increase sales. Promotional products are found to influence behavior and the likelihood of consumers to do business with the advertiser.  We’re calling it branded merchandise, swag, promotional products these days; back when Williams Advertising got its start we were in the era of advertising specialties. In some ways, that perfectly conveys what we’re making. We are making special items to assist with your advertising.  What’s changed is that now we’re better trying to integrate merchandise that is branded in to someone’s life. We don’t want to only advertise, we want to become a chosen part of their lifestyle. And now that positioning of branded merchandise as a marketing and advertising medium is more synonymous with business goals.

Forgetting impressions alone for just a minute, the benefits of branded merchandise in your marketing mix influence consumers to do business with your brand.

  • 37% of consumers who receive a t-shirt are more likely to do business with an advertiser who gave it to them.
  • 36% of consumers who receive an umbrella are more likely to do business with an advertiser who gave it to them.
  • 40% of consumers are influenced by a gifted branded power bank.
  • 30% of consumers are influenced by branded drinkware.
  • 20% of consumers who receive headwear are more likely to do business with an advertiser who gave it to them.
  • Topping out the influential items are outerwear and performance wear at 41% being more influenced to do business with an advertiser as a result of these branded wearables.

Promo Products Influence Behavior

What Do Men Want?

Loaded question, right? Well in the promotional products world, these are their top 5 categories, ranked in order of importance.

  1. Outerwear
  2. Performance wear
  3. Polo shirts
  4. Writing instruments
  5. Umbrellas

Not a tech item, not an outdoors item, not a tool, but wearables and useful items like branded writing instruments and branded umbrellas topped the list.

What Do Women Want?

As a 100% owned & operated by women organization, we have thoughts. However, we are talking strictly about promotional products here. What promo items influence behavior from women?

  1. Outerwear
  2. Health & safety branded items
  3. Performance wear
  4. Bags
  5. Drinkware

Notice the difference. It’s quite different, isn’t it? What’s so interesting is that area where there is overlap, and the ranking difference. When you’re choosing branded merchandise, it’s important to consider your recipients and what they may like. This study helps guide some of those choices.

Residents of Certain States Prefer Different Promo Items

We won’t list all the states here, but contact us if you know your audience is concentrated in a certain area and you’d like to inquire about their branded merchandise preferences.  Where we’re based in Kentucky, the top 5 most influential promo products among Kentucky residents are:

  1. Outerwear
  2. T-Shirts
  3. Desk Accessories
  4. Performance Wear
  5. Health & Safety

Drinkware is more influential promo product

Whether you’re a man, woman, and no matter where you’re located, how does that compare to what would influence you? We’d love to hear your feedback!

Here’s the thing. No matter what the research says, it’s clear that branded merchandise makes an impact on consumers. Understanding your consumer and thinking about the recipient of your item and what they care about will go a long way in making your campaign more effective.

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