Promotional Product Design Inspiration

The possibilities are endless.

If you see the second product image on our website or in a presentation from us, would you ever imagine the first image is possible? If you work with us already, you may notice we always like to explain the “why” when we suggest a promotional item. This standard of creativity is always in our minds as we develop project ideas for our clients. Branded merch done in its greatest form takes the ordinary to✨extra ✨ordinary. These 3 product examples are what happens when you marry inspiration and great design. Would you think that first image is an ordinary diffuser turned extraordinary by design? Presentation matters. Being memorable matters if you want a return on your spend. Intentionality when it comes to selecting design and product matters.

We have a branded merchandise strategy worksheet that will help you get started. Follow us on socials for even more product ideas, or reach out for more targeted suggestions based on your goals. 




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