Branded by Williams: The Fractional Marketing Team You Didn't Know You Needed

When it comes to swag selection, it truly is an art. But that’s not always the experience you get, is it? Sometimes you’ve done your promo products search on your own through a DIY, submit your art & hold your breath until the shipment arrives, type of solution. Other times you’ve been given product selections through a more curated approach from a promotional products distributor, but the ideas just seem like all the others.  While we offer the shop on your own experience, it’s not our favorite way to help our customers. Our favorite customer experience is getting to know you, understanding your goals for your business or your division as a whole.  The more we become a part of your team, the better our suggestions get. Your focus becomes our focus, and we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re a bit like the fractional marketing team member you never knew you needed.

We believe in long-term relationships.

The more in sync we can be with your business, the more we can help you. We also don’t believe in requiring a contract to lock that relationship in. As long as you find value in working with us and we are a good fit for each other, we’ll do so. Some of our most longstanding promotional products customers operate with us this way. As business needs change, we would never want to be the reason you couldn’t do the best thing for your business - after all, that’s why we exist, to help your business grow. Everything has a season. Sometimes it’s pre-event season and we’re working together daily (or hourly!). Sometimes it’s a slower time in your business and you don’t have a need for as many promotional product purchases. We ebb and flow with you, as your needs change in that way too - just like any other fractional marketing team member might.

We’re the experts on marketing, not just promotional items.

We’re a division of Williams Advertising. When we say we understand a marketer’s problem, we truly do because we are you. We work with many marketers and business leaders on the growth of their business outside of just branded merchandise. We work on digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, sales growth, events, design - you name it, we're working on marketing strategy & implementation on the other side of our business.  When we say we want a return on your investment, it’s because we understand you have a finite marketing budget & amount of time to make that return, so we want the very best for you. When we ask a lot of questions about your objectives, your business, your marketing that is working alongside of your branded merchandise buys - that’s why. We want it all to make sense big picture for your brand.

We’re the experts on product & production, so you don’t have to be.

Remember that DIY approach we told you about? It’s not for everyone. We handle everything from art creation, design, product curation, production to fulfillment so our clients don’t have to. And, we’re product experts. We know which products are quality and will stand the test of time, we know what the latest trends are, and we know how the latest design techniques can impact your brand.  When you work with Branded by Williams Advertising, you are working with a company that has been in the promotional products industry since the 1980’s. But, we don't rely on experience to keep us in the game. We are involved in our industry and with our supply chain so that we know that latest & greatest for our clients and can recommend the best for your brand. We continuously are evolving our technology and processes alongside that educational part so that you have the very best resources when you work with us.

If you’ve never thought about your promotional products agency as a fractional member of your team - you should. Just as you have a graphic designer, a digital marketing specialist, and a content and social media team, you should have a full service promotional products and branded merchandise team member on speed dial.

Wait a minute, how are we going to measure success?

But how do you measure the return on your relationship with a promotional products agency? Well first of all at the most basic pricing level, our relationship clients receive preferred pricing and special opportunities on product selections that you just don’t get without that relationship. The savings long-term also come when you have someone that knows your business and your needs and can assist quickly and for the most benefit for your brand - without taking your valuable time. We have your logo files, we know your brand guidelines, we understand what works for your employee and client audiences. We're watching out for you and your brand. Things just move quickly and most efficiently for you when your promotional products partner has this level of involvement in your marketing and branding efforts. There are tactical tangible returns as well. When you go to a tradeshow and your merch gives you new leads, or the imprint allows you to track the outcome of your call to action, or you are all of a sudden the buzz of the event, or months later you have developed that relationship with your hot prospect due to the unique keep in touch marketing campaign we develop together - we could go on and on. There are just so many ways to measure the effectiveness of your branded merchandise strategy. That’s something we can go over when we meet about your goals. We want to better understand how you measure success so that we can make an impact on that success with you.

We’d love to show you why your fractional marketing specialist for promotional products should be us. Book a meeting to learn more about Branded by Williams Advertising.

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