What is Branded Merchandise?

The Language of Branded Merch

Gear, swag, merch, promo items, free stuff…no matter what you call the things you take home from the places you go, you’re bound to have plenty of branded merchandise no doubt hiding somewhere in the depths of your home. Our aim is to make sure our clients branded merchandise are the items that aren’t hidden within those depths, but are front, center and integral to your customers or employees’ lives.  The vernacular may change but the intent behind the swag remains unchanged. You’re looking to connect with a person to build excitement about your brand and the lifestyle it represents.

First off, lets define what we mean when we use the word “brand.” At one point in time this word was mostly synonymous with companies operating in retail markets. This went somewhat by the wayside with the advent of social media and the rise of the influencer. Think your brand can’t get in on the branded merchandise bandwagon because you’re not in the retail game? Think again! Everyone from restaurateurs and politicians, corporations and service companies to podcasters and YouTubers seem to drop new swag on an ever-increasing basis.

Today, branding is important for anyone seeking to monetize whatever they bring to interested consumers. Food, politics, video game and music reviews, or a particular skill; some have even monetized their social media following (these are the influencers). No matter the industry, if you’re selling something (product or idea) consider yourself a brand and manage how you connect with your consumer. Enter here the line of swag you’re about to drop on them!

So, now you know you need the swag, the next question becomes, what is branded merch? That’s too simple! It’s anything and everything a brand put their identity on that promotes their services or products. It’s the t-shirts your favorite local food truck sells alongside those fire tacos. It’s your favorite mug emblazoned with your favorite coffee shop’s logo. It’s the cute tote you got your first day of work at your new job. Branded merch is pretty much anything you can imagine and some you probably never thought of before.

These days it’s all too common for a brand to take its image, slap it on a few products, and hand it out as a freebie for all.  Whether your customer base are foodies, gamers, Millennials, or pretty much any demographic looking to wear, carry, or otherwise visually support their favorite brands, there are opportunities to be had. Consumer populations are almost always looking for that next experience and pretty much anything they can do to tie themselves to it. Creating that experience through a line of branded merchandise with your identity applied to it is a great next step in building deeper connections and loyalty in the people that support your brand. Whether you’re using your existing brand image, rebranding, or a combination of the two, there are endless possibilities when it comes to branded merchandise.

The audience you’re trying reach is only part of the equation; the other variable is the hook that snags their attention. It doesn’t necessarily take a social media expert to spot trends. If something is trending, you’re going to feel like you’re seeing it all over the place! This is a good way to grab attention if you’re able to strike while the iron is hot. At Branded, we like to make sure the design is intentional, the product represents your brand well, and your recipient will experience joy when they receive it.

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What is Branded Merch

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