Employee Onboarding 101

Branded Drinkware with Phone StandThe paperwork, the approvals, the systems setups – onboarding new employees is no small task. We’re sharing this information as a resource for you on how to have an onboarding branded merchandise strategy in place. This way on start day you’re not rummaging through the promo product closet only to realize you’re out of something to put on the new employee’s desk.

We’ve all been the new hire at one point or another. Put yourself in the new hire’s shoes. You’re nervous, you’re excited, all the emotions are happening. And now back to being in your comfy shoes. You are the one who is responsible for making this nervous excited person feel welcomed, get educated, and get properly onboarded.

What if when they arrived that morning to their desk, they were greeted not only with their computer, but what if their entire desk were filled with things that expressed how excited your company was to be welcoming them? We want you to stay hydrated – here’s your very own bottle. It’s high quality because we want you to love it and use it, and to feel like you have something of your very own here at your desk or when you fill it up with coffee in the breakroom. We know it gets cool in here, so we’ve provided this branded cardigan so you can be comfortable while you work. We’re big on sustainability, so we’re also making sure you have this branded pen made from recycled materials to take notes with in a sustainably made notebook during your trainings and meetings. Since your job will require you to be on the go, we’re giving you this great backpack to ensure you have a place to stow everything you may need. And, because we know it’s not always dress to impress, we’re gifting you a super soft t-shirt that we’ve been told our other teammates wear on the weekends it’s so comfy.

Experience that walk up to a desk full of company branded items as your new hire. How thoughtful! These items aren’t cheap items, they must really value my being here. Oh that’s neat, I didn’t realize that one of the pillars of the company is this sustainability program – can’t wait to learn more about that. It is cold in here and I didn’t think to bring a jacket, this is great to have.  Has this been your experience? Is this the experience you’re currently giving?

What about the remote worker? There are particularly unique challenges to effectively onboarding remote workers. So much so that we dedicated more information to engaging remote workers.

What about the moment the offer letter is returned to HR? For certain positions, it might be nice to consider engaging your employees the moment you know they are joining the team. Sending a customized kit to their home is not a mainstream way of welcoming these days, so it would certainly make an impact. Have a position you’re recruiting for that’s quite competitive? Engage your branded merchandise strategy earlier in the recruiting process – send that tactile, unexpected something to further express how committed you are to making this person’s experience great. Not sure that would make a difference? Check out this Branded blog with 42 promotional products stats you need to know.

81% of people keep promotional products because they’re useful. How often have you received a branded item that wasn’t useful to you, so you chucked it? You do not want that to be your new employee’s first impression.Employee Gifts

Keep the following in mind when selecting items for an onboarding kit for the best return on your investment:

  1. Does this branded item bring value to my employees’ lives here at work?
  2. Does this branded item bring value to my employees’ lives at home?
  3. Are we investing properly in this employee with what we’re giving them? In other words, if I were handing the employee the cash value of these items instead, would this be a proper amount to gift to show we value this person’s contribution to our business?
  4. Do the items I am gifting help support and communicate our company’s values?

A recent Promotional Products Association International study found that recipients of promotional products have a significantly more positive image of the company than those who do not receive promotional products. And more than just the surprise & delight of receiving something unexpected, onboarding kits have the power to activate that new job excitement. It’s a point of pride that they’re working with your company – give your new teammate a way to show that off!

We have additional resources to help you when it comes to selecting the perfect way to welcome new employees with onboarding kits. We specialize in helping companies engage with employees and make your best impression with your brand.  Download our branded merchandise strategy guide, schedule a free consultation, or feel free to shop around for promotional item ideas on your own if that’s your preference.


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