POV: You're in Influencer Marketing

Why influencer marketing should include branded merch, and how to make it a better experience.

When you're depending on individuals to help build your brand, there are a whole host of concerns that come in to play. Those in influencer marketing know all about the major concerns like brand alignment, authenticity and trust issues with consumers, performance & measurement, and saturation. What you shouldn't have to worry about on top of all things that go in to a successful influencer marketing campaign are the components that are your deliverables.

The main concern of the influencer is creating engaging and fresh content that's real. Something their followers will comment about, something they'll save or share, and something that'll maybe even drive revenue for them as a promoter. So how do you achieve your goals & their goals too for a great partnership?

Influencer gifts are all about the presentation. We've covered how packaging influences decision.  Imagine our horror to see a one logo imprint box that Kylan is unboxing, only to further see product rattling around loose in a big shipper box. Cut to your competitor she's filming the next box with who has invested in packaging that cradles your product, maybe even has marketing language pointing out the order of beauty routine or has interactive components to the unboxing itself. The influencer gravitates toward fresh content that's exciting, the viewer gets to live vicariously through the influencer, and the brand gets that much more brand exposure - when the experience is better.

Why should you send something more than your core product? Promo products influence behavior, check out the research. But the intent is you send your actual product, and those products influence behavior on their own...right? Sparkling Ice sent more than just product when they introduced Sparkling Ice+ Caffeine - check out our product launch case study with our work on that project with the PR team.  The short version of this product launch & brand building strategy is sending something the influencers could enjoy with their families alongside enjoying the product itself. Creating memories > generic PR boxes.


But influencers get stacks of merch - how can I stand out? Our best advice here is to make it matter. Don't send apparel in the wrong size. Don't send branded items that don't complement the actual product you're sending. Your brand should not be screamed from your branded items, but instead should fit the influencer aesthetic. No worries - this is where we've got you. During our initial consult, we'll explore your influencers' aesthetic. We will suggest branded merch that merges your brand with your intended outcome - keeping design in mind the whole time.

Need a creative partner for your PR or influencer campaign? Branded by Williams Advertising creates branded merchandise that allows brands to show appreciation and build brand loyalty. Our capabilities include everything from ideation to production of promotional products. We simplify your life by handling everything from creative through fulfillment for all custom items. If you need help showing appreciation, please reach out & we’ll build personalized recommendations for your brand.

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